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hello readers , my name is eddieyla . live at pekan pahang . 22 years old :) okeyy still young right ? hahahaha :P falling in love with anythings that in pink . after you read my post hope you will follow my simple blog :) Anyeongg ! :D

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bz & pnt sgt3.....
Saturday, December 3, 2011 | 07:05 | 0 hearts♥
rini ak pnt sgt3..bgn pg td ak msk..goreng nasi je..ps2 kms kt luar umh..ps siap sumer 2,aku mnd n siap2 tok tmn mk ak g knduri..ps blk knduri org2 EPAL dtg wt demo mesin jahit n msin sulam diorg..kne tlg siap2kn mknn n ppe yg ptut..ps diorg blk kne kms plak..hmmm...sgt pnt..skg ni mte dh pnt..tp mls ag nk tdo..nth pe yg akn ak wt mlm ni..bdn ni btul2 xlrt..